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i couldn’t go to the game tonight cause i have a friend from overseas visiting so i was preoccupied but i heard it was super exciting!!! 

good that we’re winning games

I just watched the game and this is the real Carlton. When we run and pass and keep moving quickly especially going down the middle. When we go around the outside and keep passing and stopping and waiting when we think too much we lose the ball

Lachie and curnow I like a lot

This aww more like a rattan game actually

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Apr 21      ♥ 6  

Drenched. Tired. Happy

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Apr 20      ♥ 10  
mndymlkovichs: how the actual fuck did we just lose to melbourne

people are saying mick ruined us on purpose lol

Apr 12     /    mndymlkovichs , 

but in other news patrick cripps is reALLY CUTE

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130- 45 AMAZING

Apr 06      ♥ 2  

tbh tonight i’m just laughing at how bad we’re playing

i’m not even angry it’s just ridiculous and hilarious to me

Apr 06      ♥ 6  
mndymlkovichs: i heard this was our only game against richmond for the season. do you know why that is?

yeah we don’t play them again i’m not sure why though

does anyone know?

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84-61 at 3/4 time

84-70  O.O

Yeah sorry I’m a couple mins behind


Every fucking time why do I even get excited. Classic fucking Carlton

I’m so glad I dont follow them haha 

My housemate is a massive Carlton supporter and was almost in tears.

me 2

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i didn’t know you could actually vibrate with rage i thought that was just a fanfiction thing

but my body is literally vibrating im so fucking mad right now

Mar 27      ♥ 5     source     /    im sweating so much omg i got so worked up , 

Call me a sore loser all you want but I’m so fucking over this team

We do this every time we haven’t been up and down at all we’ve been consistently shit

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